Equation Bohol diving in Philippines

The birth

We imagined adding our skills to our dreams, our know-how to our desire to create something different , multiply the professionalism with rigor and energy with good humor … So the name of Equation us became evident acronym of our values ​​and their representations.

Off the beaten path, closer to nature and its wealth, in an environmentally friendly way

The constant quest of quality and client’s satisfaction, le petit plus that makes all the difference, the quality of services provided to dives, tours and offered to our clientele.

Each individual is unique, each client too. Every care is made to cater one’s needs and expectation, in term of diving, accommodation, tour.

Away from mass tourism, to allow you to discover the true face of Philippine, its people, its landscape, its culture, off the beaten path.

Equation Dive and Travel triangle signification

We are constantly thinking of the interaction in between our clientele, the environment and the social aspect. Equation is daily committed with its clients to support any actions for seabed conservation and environment preservation. Moreover Equation is also committed to support local people and industry, in order that local people also benefits from the gain of tourism.

In the social aspect of Equation, we hire locally and set up integration actions in order that local people also benefits from the development of tourism in the Philippines. For example: train young locals to become dive masters and manager of a dive center; create a French cooking school.

Ocean’s beauty, wealth, strengths and weaknesses are our passion and our permanent concern for their protection. We set up partnership with existing local associations and we also encourage our clients to support them in participating in actions.

We wish to offer to our clientele a new experience, the possibility of travelling differently, tailor made holidays based on the appreciation and respect of the local environment and people.

Those 8 values give a real meaning to our concept, a true difference in comparison to mass tourism and fast growing tourism development in Philippines. Travel differently, travel authentic for unique experiences.