Rescue Diver PADI

One of the most fascinating and rewarding course, the Rescue diver: learn how to prevent problems, react in cases of emergency and to save the life of other divers.

Become a Rescue Diver!

Rescue diver PADI courses By Equation
Rescue diver PADI courses By Equation

This course takes place on 5 days and include a theoretical part, a cession in a confined environment and several sessions in open water environment.

The PADI rescue course is the first part of your diver’s training in the course of which we focus on the assistance to the other divers, meaning how to anticipate and prevent problems, and how to manage emergencies.

During three days, you will follow a theoretical lesson and be trained to rescue technics.

Rescue diver prerequisites

  • Have a PADI Advanced Diver certification (or have a qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Be older than 15 years old (12 years old for the Junior Rescue Diver)
  • Be trained and current for first aid and CPR within the previous two years (we suggest the Emergency First Response CPR that we offer in only 4 hours)

Rescue diver course length

  • 2 to 3 days.

Rescue diver course phases

  • A theoretical part,
  • Rescue exercises,
  • Rescue scenarios,
  • Emergency management.

Although this course is extremely serious, it is approached with playful situations to increase your confidence while simulating potentially real situations.

Rescue diver will prepare you to prevent problems and to manage the emergency if they occur.


  • PHP 18900 (approximately €320 / USD 430)

PADI rescue diver course is a prerequisite for any professional level of PADI courses, beginning with Divemaster certification.

This course is once again, the opportunity for us to go a little further into the way you handle diving emergencies.

We consider this course as the most important of the PADI program, therefore we highlight its importance, and we manage to give you skills to be an excellent rescuer.