Open water scuba diving PADI

You wish to discover the underwater world and its treasures? Challenge yourself and follow the PADI Open Water course. That will change your life.

With PADI Open Water course, you’ll learn the basic principles of Scuba diving with a PADI instructor. You will start in a confined water (pool) and will progress towards open water by assimilating the basic knowledge.

You’ll be surprise how fast your progress is!

Open water PADI courses By Equation
Open water PADI courses By Equation

Complete but progressive and pedagogue, the Open water lesson is your first passport to the underwater world. You will learn to navigate in total autonomy until 18 m / 60 feet.

To obtain your certification is only the beginning. As certified diver, you will discover new sensations, new destinations, new feelings! And as you will continue your adventure to acquire more experience, following more courses and getting higher dive skills, you will also get more opportunities.

PADI course Prerequisites

  • Be 10 years old to enroll the Junior Open Water Diver
  • Be 15 years old to enroll the Open Water Divers
  • Good physical and health conditions and comfortable into water (it is not necessary to be an excellent swimmer)

Length of the course

  • 3 to 4 days

Course phases

  • Theory / knowledge development: Half a day + some alternate cessions before and after diving
  • 1 Confined water dive (pool or pool-like environment)
  • 4 Open water dives + 2 optional dives (2 dives a day)

Rate of the course

  • PHP 20,900 (approximately €400 / USD 450) for 4 dives,
  • All include price, environnemental fees and equipment.
You will be accompanied and supported throughout the program by an experienced instructor