Mecca for fun dive in Philippines

Balicasag one of the best dive in Philippines

After one of his dive in Balicasag, Brice, a professional traveler wrote:
  • It must have been 20 minutes since I am in the water and I am already dazzled, the spot is absolutely breathtaking and to be honest the biodiversity is exceptional, I discover many fish that I never saw during my previous dives, on top of this, there is really something else than just little fish which create a quite impressive scene underwater.–Brice

This is also for this that we chose Bohol! From the beginner to the more experienced diver, each one will find a unique delight diving here.

Equation is facing Balicasag Island which counts half a dozen dive sites, each one as colorful, vivid and fascinating as the other. The proximity of this island as well as its beauty and charm, surrounded by white sand beaches, makes it one of our favorite destinations for our dive trips (2 or 3 dives + lunch)

Balicasag island has five different spots of diving

Cathedral, sanctuary, royal garden, black forest and divers heaven.

The list is not exhaustive as each site around Panglao is rich, diverse, colorful and simply magical. Balicasag has half a dozen dive sites, Panglao around ten or so and we often organize trips to Pamilacan. This island is one hour away by boat but is ful of treasures you would be ashamed to miss.

The site to dive in Balicasag! As many sites around Panglao, Cathedral is a wall covered with corals, macro species of all kind, the type of sites you don’t even know where to look. It begins with a coral plateau, then the wall offers a breath taking view on the main scene and wonderful lights and shadows give the final touch to a dive you will remember. Turtles, schools of batfish, snappers, napoleon fish, and rays are some species you can discover when looking into the blue. On the wall itself, small cavities and “swimthrough” shelter a lot of critters and a very special atmosphere you will enjoy for sure. Accessible for every level of divers.

Balicasag island

25 minutes away by boat

5 to 40 meters

One of the favorite dive sites of our guest because of the plateau which abounds with colors, turtles, schools of fish, many little critters to uncover, and all of this on a mind-blowing coral bed. “We could easily spend hours at less than 10 meters!” recently said one of our divers. The site is crowded with turtles; we once counted 15 in a single dive. Enthusiasts take note! Beyond the plateau, a slow slope to appreciate while taking the time. This site is ideal for fun diving, or for photographers, and for every experimented diver that wants to have a taste of Balicasag magic.

Balicasag island

25 minutes away by boat

Plateau and then slope

3 to 30 meters