Dive center Management, business and marketing

You are a divemaster or an instructor wishing to evolve in the dive career toward the management of a dive center. So dive center management, business and marketing it’s for you!

You wish to create your own dive center or take over an existing one.

Carol and Jérôme started as managers of a dive center and faced the issues linked to several settings: technical, cultural, operational and other specificities linked to management, business and marketing of a dive center abroad.

After a four years managing dive centers in Asia, Carol, former consultant in management and business performances for almost 8 years, has created this course which will allow you (among other objectives) to:

Dive center management Aqualung partner
Dive center management Aqualung partner
Dive center management by Equation Bohol Philippines
Dive center management by Equation Bohol Philippines
  • Better know the diving industry, globally and locally, and to adapt it to global strategy.
  • Learn to do a market study and elaborate a business plan.
  • Build a communication plan.
  • Know how to operate a dive center daily.
  • Develop your technical, business and marketing knowledge of a dive center.

To whom is aimed this course of dive center management?

This management, business and marketing of a dive center is aimed to the divers (instructors, divemasters or other level) who wish to pursue a career into managing a dive center or wish to have their own dive center abroad. Many existing dive centers or dive resorts are looking for a new manager, even a couple, to manage their business. This training is therefore a considerable asset in the process. It’s also an asset for experienced divemasters and PADI instructors wishing to evolve towards new responsibilities and to optimize their success:

  • With their coworkers / employees.
  • With the local environment.
  • Commercially.

Alternating theory and case studies, real set-ups, coaching, sharing experience, daily immersion into Equation dive center and its development, this course is offered in a traditional 12 days courses or as a 1 to 2 months practical training, which can follow the Divemaster Eco training.

We recommend you to follow the training to optimize the real situations.

Dive center management rate

  • From 47.000 PHP (Approximately €780 / 1070 USD),
  • according to the initial level of the candidate.

Please contact us for details and calendar of the trainings.