Discover scuba diving with Equation dive and travel different in Panglao island Bohol Philippines

Discover Scuba Diving an amazing experience

Who has not ever dreamed to swim with tortoise, to play in finding Nemo, or to drift in colorful coral gardens?

For those dreaming about it but who has not date to take the plunge yet, we offer you a first discovery dive around Bohol Island, in the Philippines. With various dive sites, it’s an ideal environment to discover scuba diving: quiet and warm waters (°C 28-30 / °F 82-86), perfect visibility, and breathtaking beauty!

Equation will make your first experience of breathing underwater totally safe, with experience instructors, in Panglao (Bohol Island).

Discover Scuba Diving Bohol island Philippines
Discover Scuba Diving

What is a discover scuba diving experience?

Our priority is your pleasure and your safety. We know very well how important the first time is!

Supervised by a passionate and experimented instructor, we get acquainted before getting into this out-of-the-ordinary moment. We explain will spend time with you to explain the basic principles of scuba diving, give you an overview of your scuba gear and describe your first scuba dive experience.

Then, we’ll get on board and navigate to the dive site. We start in shallow waters, most of the time directly from the beach, in pool-like environment to get familiar with the scuba gear and the environment. After few safety exercises, we leave for a wonderful exploration, remaining in shallow waters so you get the best first impression.

  • Equation dive and travel Discover Scuba Diving Alona Beach
    Discover scuba diving of Yanis

    says Yanis.

    My first scuba dive experience was a revelation.

  • Discover scuba diving briefing Panglao island Philippines
    Carol instructor scuba diving

    says Carol

    My instructor whom I will never forget, Delphine, knew how to communicate her passion, but also I felt in confident with her from the beginning. I shall always remember how I felt when I first saw a turtle!

Since then, Carol and Jérôme have the greatest pleasure to transmit their passion to first timers, this thrilling moment, impressive and wonderful.

Privilege Discover scuba diving

  • From 8 years old for a first experience, specially dedicated to children : Bubble Maker PADI (2 meters /6 Feet deep maximum)
  • From 10 years old for a discover scuba diving (12m/40 feet)
  • An ideal ratio of 2 students per instructor which allowed confidence building. In any case, it will never exceed 4 persons by instructor,
  • An experimented and passionate PADI instructor, only dedicated to you and to this memorable moment,
  • An experimented and passionate PADI instructor, only dedicated to you and to this memorable moment,
  • No limit of time for the dive. The limit will be the remaining air (generally between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the consumption of air of the diver)

Rate of Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

  • PHP 4,000 for 1 dive (approximately € 75 / USD 85),
  • PHP 5,750 for 2 dives within the same day (approximately € 110 / USD 125)
  • Complete gear rental and marine fees are included.
A wonderful and unforgettable experience during your stay in the Philippines!